Community Economic Development

  Community Economic Development (CED) is action taken locally by a community to provide economic opportunities and improve social conditions in a sustainable way. An aspect of “localizing economics,” CED is a community-centered process that blends social and economic development to foster the economic, social, ecological and cultural well-being of communities.  CFT7 has been active in the Treaty Seven communities as well as in the urban centres promoting CED and enhancing internal partnerships with both programs at CFT7, Business Development and Labour Market Development.

Treaty Seven Economic Development Officers
CFT7 has continued hosting regular monthly meetings with the Economic Development Officers of Treaty Seven.  The intent of the meetings is to share best practices, provide information sessions on economic development funding programs, capacity development and provide an avenue for input on Federal INAC economic development programs. 

BBS 2015 - Call for Master of Ceremonies

BBS 2015 - Call for Presenters

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