Lending Services

  Western Economic Diversification (General Loan Fund)
  • Loans are provided to establish or expand a business,
  • Business must be at least 51% owned by Treaty Seven Members
  • Maximum loan per business is $25,000.00,
  • All loans require equity of 10%  (or proof of sweat equity)
  • Agriculture loans (ranching & farming) not provided,
  • Loans provided to businesses located on and off reserve,
  • All loans require community support through a Band Council Resolution (on reserve only),
  • Only viable business plans will be approved.  (The business must prove that it can generate enough revenue to repay the loan),
  • Business mandate to increase long term, full time employment for Treaty Seven Members,
  • Must provide proof of decline from traditional financial institution,
  • Business Analyst will complete loan application upon receipt of all necessary documents.

CFT7 Loan Process

  • Review for viability
  • Credit checks completed
  • Ratios Analysis
  • Make recommendations to Investment Review Committee and Board for approval

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